A Life Worth Living

If you were told you had five more minutes to live, how would you look at your life as a whole?

Would you spend it in regret?

Would you cherish the golden moments?

Or waste it in panic?

Time vs Accomplishment

Measuring life with time can distract one from a deeper connection to their present accomplishments. Not to say that time can’t be used as a motivational asset to push one to lead a better, productive life, but living a long life does not guarantee you live a fulfilling one.

Sure, life is short, but who’s to say what “life” really is? Is it just the length of time of one’s breathing, or can it be measured by the impact of the individual. The saying, “… lives on” is an example where one’s impact pushes that lifelong boundary.

Those who have made an impact to others but died young may be seen as still living. They live in through their teachings and actions.

History can attest for that.

Martin Luther King Jr’s dream lives on through the current day as people still fight for racial equality.

Hitler’s drive and antisemitic ways still lives on through individuals.

Susan B. Anthony’s strength towards women’s rights still flows through to today, pushing gender equality into great feminist movements.

Your parents and their teachings live on through you, which had impact in shaping the person you are today…

A life worth living is set by the individual’s standard, not by time. So set your standard for your life and live it daily, for even though you may die tomorrow, you may live on through the impact you have made on someone else.

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