One of Those Days…

Some days you wake up and the world feels like it’s pushing against you. Immediately testing you and your ability to cope with even the most simple tasks.

What do you do in this moment?

The only thing you can do…

Accept it and embrace it.

Anything outside of acceptance is on you.

How you embrace the feeling, have it be through anger, optimism, sadness, whatever it may be, can easily set the tone of your day. If you’re going to sit there and be angry at the world for whatever reason is fine, just be sure to accept that anger and roll with it the best you can without affecting those around you. The more you accept the fact that your angry, the lesser it will be as your day passes, potentially leaving an opportunity for tomorrow to be less anger filled.

The more you fight yourself and the way you feel, the easier it is for the world to win against you.

Release your feelings into the universe and clean off that dirty plate you set your mind on. Eating from a dirty plate can lead to internal body issues, so if your mind sits on a dirty plate, mental clarity is lessened, affecting your mental processes and thinking.

Don’t forget, it’s okay to have a bad day. Accept that fact and the bad day effect will be weakened, leaving you stronger and more willing to push back against the world.

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