Being Mentally Free and Creative.

Creativity is such a wonderful thing. Imagine where we would be without the act of being creative: inventions, innovation, science, engineering; creativity opens the gates to a world of endless possibilities, which we all utilize in our every day lives without acknowledging it.

Allowing yourself to be creative is like releasing a unique, personal form of yourself into the world where you can feel free from boundaries set by reality. This can also be a visual or auditory freedom: paintings, sculptures, writings, dance, speech, etc. Being creative is allowing yourself to be free from your own mental prison and letting loose to whatever feels right. Accept that it’s okay to be creative and know that in the universe of creativity anything goes, and that is totally okay…

Finding Creativity within you and opening your mind.

Close your eyes and picture yourself doing something fun. What is it that you see? If your first response is, “I don’t know”, you’re thinking too hard. How about this: Close your eyes, take a deep breath, hold it for four seconds and release. Instead of trying to see something, what is the first random thing that comes to mind? Jumping on a trampoline? Playing in a marching band on a snowy evening while carolers throw peanuts at you? Riding a purple giraffe into a horde of tuba players that have no ears? There is no wrong answer. The goal is for you to just let your mind loose and let creativity flow freely for a single moment. Practice this a few times a day and there will be a time where you can put the most random things together and it will still fit somehow, no matter how crazy it might sound.

This is a form of pure mental freedom.

Embrace chaos in the mind and let go. It’s relaxing, fun and will play a huge part into your Creative self while providing you with a great form of self mental care.

Be careful not to mix this with Automatic Drawing technique. Although Automatic Drawing is a nice meditative process (which I HIGHLY encourage you to try, artist or not), being creative with it is arguably counter productive.

Finding the right kind of creative outlet.

Being creative can be extremely challenging, but first find out what kind of creative outlet fits your thought process and your mind. There are many different ways to be creative and finding the right kind of creative outlet helps the creative process flow easier than you can imagine. You’ve learned how to open your mind, but unless you can control the flood of creativity into something, you just end up with mindless thoughts that might come off as a waste of mental energy. So where do you channel the flow of creativity? This is where your Creative Outlet comes into play.

Later on, let’s talk about the Creative Outlet and how to figure out which works best for us. Until then, let your mind run free time to time.

Yes, it is a hard thing to do, but when you master it your mind will thank you.

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