A Life Worth Living

If you were told you had five more minutes to live, how would you look at your life as a whole?

Would you spend it in regret?

Would you cherish the golden moments?

Or waste it in panic?

Time vs Accomplishment

Measuring life with time can distract one from a deeper connection to their present accomplishments. Not to say that time can’t be used as a motivational asset to push one to lead a better, productive life, but living a long life does not guarantee you live a fulfilling one.

Sure, life is short, but who’s to say what “life” really is? Is it just the length of time of one’s breathing, or can it be measured by the impact of the individual. The saying, “… lives on” is an example where one’s impact pushes that lifelong boundary.

Those who have made an impact to others but died young may be seen as still living. They live in through their teachings and actions.

History can attest for that.

Martin Luther King Jr’s dream lives on through the current day as people still fight for racial equality.

Hitler’s drive and antisemitic ways still lives on through individuals.

Susan B. Anthony’s strength towards women’s rights still flows through to today, pushing gender equality into great feminist movements.

Your parents and their teachings live on through you, which had impact in shaping the person you are today…

A life worth living is set by the individual’s standard, not by time. So set your standard for your life and live it daily, for even though you may die tomorrow, you may live on through the impact you have made on someone else.

One of Those Days…

Some days you wake up and the world feels like it’s pushing against you. Immediately testing you and your ability to cope with even the most simple tasks.

What do you do in this moment?

The only thing you can do…

Accept it and embrace it.

Anything outside of acceptance is on you.

How you embrace the feeling, have it be through anger, optimism, sadness, whatever it may be, can easily set the tone of your day. If you’re going to sit there and be angry at the world for whatever reason is fine, just be sure to accept that anger and roll with it the best you can without affecting those around you. The more you accept the fact that your angry, the lesser it will be as your day passes, potentially leaving an opportunity for tomorrow to be less anger filled.

The more you fight yourself and the way you feel, the easier it is for the world to win against you.

Release your feelings into the universe and clean off that dirty plate you set your mind on. Eating from a dirty plate can lead to internal body issues, so if your mind sits on a dirty plate, mental clarity is lessened, affecting your mental processes and thinking.

Don’t forget, it’s okay to have a bad day. Accept that fact and the bad day effect will be weakened, leaving you stronger and more willing to push back against the world.







Once what was a glow, a warmth to keep me going,

Now a growing void for a future unknown.

Distance increases.

As the light that once was fades.

I sit here in silence.




This is the present we have made.

A happy heart now draining, ignored by the one who fills.

Those who know and understand,

Know that loneliness kills.

The mental struggle.

The physical toll.

How difficult it is to see,

When blinded by delusion and hope.

Things like this make happiness feel impossible to be.



Let go of all you know.
All that torments you.
Let someone else take the final blow.

That nothing matters.
The thing we call reality,
Easily shatters.

Build up your walls.
For them to break them down.
Light are the hands,
The ones that steal the crown.

Throw you from your throne,
Strip you of your title,
Look you in the eyes,
Hand you that deceiving smile.

With nothing left,
You stand alone.
Beaten by betrayal and deceit,
Everything about you turns to stone.

That nothing matters.
The thing we call reality,
Easily shatters.

The more we hold onto, the more others can take from us.

If you can let go of things, you cannot easily be defeated.

By others, or yourself.

The Silver Lining to a Dark Cloud.

You stub your toe, but you didn’t break it.

You got in a car accident, but no one was hurt.

Your father passed away, but he lived a great life.

Your mother passed away, but she’s no longer in pain.

You lost your job, but here’s an opportunity to find something better.

Your partner leaves you, but nows your chance to start anew.

That silver lining can go a long way and shine brightness in the darkest of places, bringing hope, positivity and possibly mental rebirth.

I’m not saying to focus only on the silver lining, but to just acknowledge and appreciate it for what it can do for your mental strength.

Appreciate both sides and universal balance will shine more than you would expect.

The Bed Adjacent

Covid has done a number on society. People are sick, people are hurt, people are dying and yes, many have died.

I have seen more than enough Covid related deaths than I would like to admit, but there’s more to just the sickness and death itself…

Some rooms share hospital beds, where two people lie in misery, a common ground for them to share together.

Where they both can visually watch each other suffer, get better or even die.

To watch someone pass with your same sickness has to put things in perspective…


In the adjacent bed, unable to speak. He leers at his inevitable outcome.

His bedmate lies dormant. His mind has gone numb.

The bedmate preps for leave.

The curtain hides his vision, sounds of plastic and cloth. Ears hyper-focused: a flame to the moth.

The curtain moves and the bed empty, a partner in misery, gone. A hand raises for goodbye, for he cannot speak, a tear falls from his eye.

Seemingly a hopeful moment gone wrong.


Another day

Here’s to the opportunity of seeing another day.

When you open your eyes first thing after a moment of slumber, some sort of gratification or thanks should be felt. The fact that you could fall asleep and never wake back up is a possibility.

A possibility many dare not to think upon.


Another day, I’ve seen many.

Perhaps more than I would have liked to see. Life plays in it’s infinite ways. The beauty of vision, sound and touch, pays in endless form.

To breathe another breath, is another step into this life: a fragile living storm.

Another day has come and it seems no different.

Menial tasks bludgeon me and feelings take over, leaving me with a body tired and a weakened mind. I wake each day and witness the core beauty of life, and say, “This is something worth leaving behind.”.

Be happy to see another day. It may be your last.